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[Fedora-ia64-list] Fedora ia64 Buglist 2008-5-11

Bugs filed against fedora-ia64.  If a you have filed a bug and
it is not listed below, then it is likely you did not file it under
the appropriate Product (Fedora) or Hardware Category (ia64).

Total bugs in each state:
NEW     :  25
CLOSED  : 301

RECENT MOVERS (changed in past 7 days): 11
445642: [NEW] add ia64 support for livecd-tools
444867: [NEEDINFO] Add Remove Programs has no categories
441403: [CLOSED] Crash during Eclipse + PDT usage
432744: [NEW] fix atlas infinite loop during configure
240958: [CLOSED] utrace: PTRACE_SYSCALL cannot modify syscall parameters
234989: [CLOSED] gcj seg faults on ia64 when aot compiling the jsch jar
226989: [CLOSED] Crash during package update
225459: [CLOSED] Anaconda vgcreate failure
218903: [CLOSED] imposible to install fc6
205970: [CLOSED] text install from cdrom fails, cdrom is not mounted for rpm
163350: [ASSIGNED] Tracking bug for Fedora ia64/Itanium support

NEW state: 25
445642: add ia64 support for livecd-tools
444821: unaligned access messages during kickstart install
444127: issue in partitions.py: can not reuse existed /boot/efi partition
441547: system-config-network ignores DNS settings of wlan interface (iwl3945)
435742: libelf-devel conflicts with itself
433921: xen ia64 build fails with array subscript is above array bounds
433913: need to bootstrap plplot on ia64
433911: google-perftools needs stacktrace code for ia64
433910: eclipse-setools missing setools.linux.ia64/build.properties
433844: libEMF fails to build on ia64
433843: java-openjdk needs porting to ia64
433670: bootstrap ghc on ia64
432744: fix atlas infinite loop during configure
426333: [kernel-headers] Compiles using the macro 'NBPG' fail as PAGE_SIZE is not defined in /usr/include/asm/page.h
392741: Crash during software update (using gnome and not yum through terminal)
388361: eog unable to display files having non-US-ASCII names
386151: Cannot create bridged network for paravirtualized guest.
360411: Install failed on 256p system
350971: Limit disk request ignored.
350941: Wrong entry in fstab
313441: system-config-network-tui crash
275131: Nvidia MCP55 eth0,eth1 not working after updating from initial install
251696: Atlas config bounds error leads to build failure
249254: USB hard drive not shown as hotpluggable
243185: Error in execution of RPM clean-up for librsvg2

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