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[Fedora-ia64-list] scripts to build fedora for ia64

I have an initial version of some scripts to do full builds of Fedora on
ia64.  It is to a usable state but I plan on continuing to work on them.
I am using this as an educational project to learn python (which I have
been needing to do for quite some time) so based on that alone I can
justify spending more time on this.

The scripts try to build packages in parallel as much as possible.  I am
working on a new script to determine the build order which I think will
work better than what I was using but that is not ready yet.

The scripts also try to be intelligent and not rebuild packages that
have not changed since the previous release.

I have been testing this on an HP rx6600.  Starting with F9 it looks
like it will finish building F10-alpha in ~48hours (it is 75% complete
as I type this and it has been running for about 36 hours).  I think I
can get that time down considerably with a smarter buildorder script.

No tool or set of instructions can be considered complete until someone
other than the author tries it.  I would very much appreciate if someone
could give this a try, or at least look at the README file and see that
it makes sense.


- Doug

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