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[fedora-india] Help ! - Any Expert May volunteer - Indian BroadBand (DATAONE-BSNL) users would be benefitted


I am facing problem. I installed Fedora -9. My Laptop is having
Wireless Lan and no Lan Cable can be connected. I am a BSNL-Dataone
Broadband user. The ADSL Modem (MT882 - Huawei Technologies Ltd) do
not have provision for WLAN. So only alternative is USB connection.

The Driver supplied is old one and cannot be configured for Fedora. I
have searched so many community websites and find that so many suffers
like me.

After a serious search I got the Drivers for (MT882 )from Calcutta
Telephones Dataone site and I have Zipped them and do attach herewith.

If any of our expert community member takes the pain to create an RPM
PACKAGE - then new bees of Fedora in India may get benefitted - since
BSNL is the single largest ISP providing BroadBand facility in India.

An effort in this regard would be a good community service to inspire
new bees to Fedora World.

Kamalendu Chakrabarty
Qr No: C/05, PTS, NTPC Ltd,
PO: Deepsikha
Dist: Angul
Pin: 759147

Attachment: linux.zip
Description: Zip archive

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