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Re: [fedora-india] The FUDCon that was not to be

susmit shannigrahi wrote:
We have come a long way since The Fedora Project Day at FOSS.IN last
year, and, though we have ambitious dreams for The Fedora Project this
year (and the coming year), we have a fantastic set of people who will
be making that happen.

Though it would have been nice to have a FUDcon, but not a very big
deal if that does not happen. May be it was meant to be somewhere
else. :)

Whatever be the reason of the pull out, there must be some extreme
reason for it and I have my full support to the pull out.

See you all at "unofficial fudcon @ foss.in". :)

To be clear, regardless of the cancellation of a official FUDCon due to some confusion, we will still be present in the event. Much of the benefit of the event is is as a place to meet your fellow contributors and hopefully get some work done as well. That is still in the agenda and nothing much has changed.

See you there.


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