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[fedora-india] Help for the fedora based workshop !

hello everyone ,

This is swamy mahesh a fedora enthusiast. I'm from NIT jalandhar this september we are organizing an opensource fest called opengeest in which we have a guest lecture, workshop, group discussion,CD distribution and lots more.........

The guest lecture is given by Mr. Venkatesh Hariharan, Head Open source affairs redhat on collabrative innovation. The workshop is related to fedora any geek among you can come up to NIT Jalandhar and share his experience with open source enthusiasts here by conducting the workshop with just a few tools in fedora, some tips that would be handy for linux users ...etc

As these would be our first steps understanding the open source ocean hope we will recieve a warm welcome from the open source community. It would be great if any geek could help us out in the workshop......For any queries on the workshop please contact me.

With regards

H Swamy Mahesh
Event Coordinator
techNITI '09

Please visit www.techniti.org

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