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[fedora-india] Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora Certificate Projects

I don't think certificates are any good to attract students who
will/"want to" become contributors. Looking someone's own name in the
project's website or in the Author's page gives much more confidence
and "feel good" attitude than any certificate. All the developers we
know , we know by their work, not by looking into some certificate.
I know personally how the students run behind a printed copy of
certificate, but bringing the same attitude into FOSS development is
not going to help us.

yes what kushal said is right
i dont think students need a printed certificate to prove their work
the amount of knowledge they gain are more important to be considered

your idea of helping the student is a nice thought
being a student i had no one like Abhradip to help me learn FOSS

so Abhradip do train students in the FOSS contribution, but instead of certification
guide them on any particular project
for eg: a student interested in doing guification can work on the KDE project,
or can guide students to do some innovative projects
like in pidgin there is no vedeo conferencing till now (i guess) so if you can guide a student to do it
then the recognition he gets is more significant then the certifications

hope you come out with the best

-- (correct me if iam wrong)

Life is "just tryin out things to see if they work"


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