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Re: [Fedora-infrastructure-list] Database for Account System 2

Jeffrey Tadlock wrote:
At this point has it even been decided if it is going to be an LDAP backend, SQL backend or a combination of the two? I think even that point was still being discussed.

To help facilitate the LDAP versus SQL debate I have added a link off of Tom's AccountSystem2 Wiki page


to an LDAP versus SQL page:


Since the discussion has been ongoing in bursts here and there, I tried to consolidate people's thoughts in one place. I hope it will make it easier for everyone to see what folks are thinking and comments for or against any one solution. I include links to emails in the archives and even a few snippets from IRC logs. There is also a "Currently Leaning" entry that shows which direction a person is leaning towards (feel free to change that if you have either changed your mind or I simply interpreted your lean wrong :) ).

I may have missed comments from someone as well, as not everyone appears to be represented on the page I put up. So if I missed you feel free to add yourself to the page, but I suggest we keep the discussion on the mailing list and use the Wiki simply to consolidate some of those thoughts.

Tom has done a good job of listing requirements on the AccountSystem2 page, so hopefully the two pages together can help us come to a consensus and make the first steps forward.


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