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Re: [Fedora-infrastructure-list] Officers

Yea Mike Sounds good, most of the security updates I have been doing via RHN as
its quick and easy and I am alerted via email when a security update
is needed :) Currently all the systems are up to date accept
proxy2.fedora.phx.redhat.com. Someone has set up2date not to apply the
kernel patch.

On 7/19/06, Nils Breunese <nils breun nl> wrote:
Mike McGrath wrote:

> I could see a use for the following officers:
> ticketmaster
> updates
> dba
> noc (nagios/cacti)
> accounting
> external (someone who can coordinate with the other non-infrastructure
> teams on things)
> I'm thinking that officers should be limited to people that have been
> a part of the team for months and have a good record in the true sense
> of a meritocracy.  I'm also under the opinion that some systems could
> have multiple officers.  (for example I could very easily see Warren
> and myself as contacts for VCS).
> Anyway I'm throwing it out there.  What do you guys think?  Am I
> trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist?

I'm new here, but it sounds like a pretty good idea.

Nils Breunese.

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