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[Fedora-infrastructure-list] Infrastructure Officers and team goals

We've been talking about this off and on for a while now and I'd like
to propose the following to the list.  I would encourage everyone
(even those not in the infrastructure team) to respond.

I'd also like to say I see a need for officers not just so we can
focus on specific needs, but also as an easier way to bring new people
in and delegate.  As always this is a voluntary system but I think
some structure is needed from here on out.  I'm proposing the
following officers taken from the fedora-sysadmin-main group.

Infrastructure Lead: Mike McGrath
Build System/Package Manager: Dennis Gilmore
OS Manager: Jeffrey Tadlock
Security Officer: Luck Macken
Red Hat Liaison: Warren Togami
Community Liaison: Seth Vidal

The officers, as a group, will try to decide the best future and use
for the Fedora Infrastructure.  As a rule we always report to the
board but must try to be as autonomous as possible.  We may report to
the board, but we work for the developers.  Gotta keep them happy ;-)

None of this is even remotely set in stone.  But if there are no
objections I'd like to make this official on the next meeting.  Any
additions/subtractions should be prepared before then so use the list.
I've picked these people based off of some of their current workings,
if I've picked you and you're not interested... sorry bout that ;-)
just let me know.  Its my intention to let these people define their
own opinions of what being an officer means, but I'd like them to be
written out and placed on the wiki.

Consider the floor open.


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