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Re: [Fedora-infrastructure-list] Fwd: NewAdmin process

We got them both, it sometimes takes people a while to respond.



On 10/6/06, Ahmed Kamal <email ahmedkamal googlemail com> wrote:

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From: Ahmed Kamal <email ahmedkamal googlemail com>
 Date: Oct 6, 2006 3:37 AM
Subject: NewAdmin process
To: fedora-infrastructure-list redhat com

    Reading the IRC meeting log, I understand you guys want to work on a
process to make it easy for new volunteers to start joining FI smoothly.
Being a new volunteer member, I thought I would share some problems I faced,
hoping to stir more thought leading to a good process in the short run.
Let's define what we'll probably need:

1- Network layout: Being a new member, I have no idea what the network
topology is, what are the server names, external/internal IPs ... Some form
of a document (wiki drawing of the network?) would be extremely helpful IMHO

2- Xen-guests: In the near future, it seems everything will be running in
Xen guests! A new technology, most new admins will not have mastered yet! I
guess we need a quick intro to installing/handling Xen guests in the FI
network. This should explain whatever templates/KS-files you guys use.

3- Server Access: Having registered myself and submitted my SSH/GPG keys, it
is totally unclear to me what kind of access this gives me! Please make it
clear to the new volunteer, what he can access to start working on. Perhaps
some (playground) Xen-guests, for testing new deployments would be helpful?

4- Breaking down tasks: I think volunteers are more suited to working on
longer term tasks, rather than immediate attention tasks. We might need to
start defining longer term goals, and break those goals into smaller
tasklets that many volunteers can start working on. As time goes on, natural
leaders will emerge to handle managing those micro-projects.

Ok, those are the points I could think of (well it is 3:30am here!), I just
hope to get this new process going soon.

Best Regards

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