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[Fedora-infrastructure-list] PackageDB

I've updated the wiki page to my latest schema from the weekend:


And included information on how to check out revisions from a bzr
repository I've put up.  I made some changes that I perceive as
tradeoffs with Elliot's original design.  I think it's time to create
some of the frontend and see whether we run into those tradeoffs more
often than we think we should.

I did some more testing of the schema with TurboGears over the weekend
and I stumbled across a bug:

Basically, Foreign Key constraints are broken in the current TurboGears
stack (sqlobject is the package that maps python objects to SQL tables).
With mysql and sqlite, this doesn't matter as foreign keys aren't doing
constraint checking at all (another sqlobject bug) but postgreSQL has
working constraint checking and needs the dependency ordering patch from
the bug report applied.


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