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Re: wiki outage

Mike McGrath wrote:
The wiki is having an outage, we're working on it. Should be up soon. We suspect our issues are because of mod_python. The moin developers suggest not using it. So we'll go back to cgi (slow) and deal with it (stable).

Ok, so that experiment lasted almost 5 minutes :-) The box crapped out just after it hit a load around 200. We had a whole team of sysadmins in #fedora-admin and did some things including enabling keep alive (no one even remembers why it was off) but also lowering the number of MaxRequestsPerChild significantly. We were also working with the Moin developers to get this going. The moin developers suggested using mod_fastCGI, but it has an unfriendly license at present. So we're back to mod_python for the moment (other things were suggested and will be tested if we're still seeing issues). Things seem to be going well though, load is low, the box doesn't seem to be swapping much. We'll have to keep an eye on it and see how everything goes.

Anyone interested in any of the tests we ran and things we changed let me know. We're just going to let it be for a while and if, in fact, we have fixed the issue then we'll migrate that back to the other app servers (its currently going proxy -> app server no balancing)


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