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Re: sponsored vs volunteers

Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:

Then would you also want to know by whom a person may be paid to make
the contribution?

I dont think we really need that level of information

 Does this go per change? Would you suppose I click the
sponsored button if I'm being paid for package X most of the time but
John Doe has volunteered to provide me with a patch I update the package
with, is that sponsored or not sponsored?

Per patch would be more accurate but too intrusive. I prefer to have metrics that give you information with some amount of fuzziness. We know that such stats are not entirely accurate even it it is done on a per patch basis but it does give you a basic understanding. That is all I am aiming for.

 Isn't this more appropriately
addressed with a questionair you request your contributors to fill out
(wiki poll)?.

I had already thought about that. Polls are asynchronous and has to be done on a periodical basis. Having this information as part of infrastructure is going to be successful in giving you more complete metrics.


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