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Re: Why Python?

Peter van der Does wrote:
Just out of curiosity but why are our webapps written in Python and not
in Perl for example?

I have a feeling there is more Perl knowledge among infrastructure
specialists as there is Python.

The biggest is that most of the infrastructure people were already well versed in Python. On the one hand its good to not commit yourself to one technology. But, on the other hand, we've got 5 different turbogears apps written by 4 people. And, to me, thats way better then 1 turbogears app one php app, one perl app, one ruby app, etc, written by 4 people :-). Since Python had already proved itself as a strong language in other areas of our Operating System I think the community in general decided to stick with it. We do have other apps not written in python but pretty much all of our home grown apps are in python and I think, for us, thats a good thing.


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