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Re: Hosting repos that are not upstream

On Wed, 2007-08-01 at 12:21 -0400, Christopher Blizzard wrote:

> It's really not about forking.  It's about allowing for easy
> experimentation which encourages developers to work with Fedora.
> Everyone has used repos forever.  But repos aren't connected to any
> particular development branch.  (i.e. here's a repo, but where's the
> development happening?  Who is involved?  Is it still active?) 

Yes, and that results in these nasty little abandoned forks that we
can't purge off the system and we end up lugging around FOREVER. Ever
looked around elvis? My idea of hell. You've got to remember that your
project utopia requires real resources. Real resources that are actually
scarce when we have to maintain them for N years.

>  Also it would seem that keeping the knowledge of changes involved in a
> particular development effort is important.

Keeping the knowledge of any random fork? If a contributor comes to us
and asks for us to add a hosted repo in place that's just a cvsimport or
an hgimport of a project that already has an upstream and just isn't
using someone's favorite SCM, should we host it then? It's just a
convenience repo. What good does that do anyone to have it sucking up
system space instead of just sitting in someone's public_html dir on


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