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Meeting today

After an initial trial yesterday we would like to use asterisk or callweaver today for the meeting. What does this mean? Well.... Voices. Part of this is to get us ready for the virtual fudcon coming up. Those wishing to participate must have at least a headset, a microphone is also preferable. Those without a mic can also just join and mute themselves and listen. We'll be recording the meeting so interested parties can play it back later.

This just got setup so we're still working out the kinks, we may bale at any moment and just do the standard #fedora-meeting (We will be in #fedora-meeting for people to ask questions, especially for those without mics but who are listening in)

If you are interested please go to #fedora-admin prior to the meeting today and get setup so that we can make sure you aren't causing tons of extra noise, feedback, etc.

Suggested clients:
kde - twinkle
gnome - ekiga
other - linphone

Any sip client should work though.  Let us know if you have any questions.


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