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Re: Meetings


For me it went pretty smoothly and was really nice to hear different voices.
About the meeting itself, i think it was good, apart from the echo and some volume problems. We can also use 15mins before the meeting just to make sure that everyone is well setup for it :)

On 8/6/07, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:
Last weeks meeting with IRC+SIP went pretty well.  Couple of notes:

1) We need to make sure everyone gets setup at the right volume


2) We need a good transcriber for each meeting where IRC and SIP is used

do like Toshio was doing, assign a person and write key points to the channel ?!

3) We need to find out why some people have been unable to connect

yes we do...

4) A wiki page would help.

yes it would

5) We never did get recording setup.

This would really be ++1

So my question for those on the list.  We had 14 people at its max
listening in.  Was this useful to everyone?  Was it better then IRC,
same as IRC or worse then IRC?  If given the opportunity would you like
to continue doing meetings via asterisk/callweaver?


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