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Re: Meetings

On Mon, 2007-08-06 at 09:13 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
> Last weeks meeting with IRC+SIP went pretty well.  Couple of notes:
> 1) We need to make sure everyone gets setup at the right volume
> 2) We need a good transcriber for each meeting where IRC and SIP is used
> 3) We need to find out why some people have been unable to connect
> 4) A wiki page would help.
> 5) We never did get recording setup.
> So my question for those on the list.  We had 14 people at its max 
> listening in.  Was this useful to everyone?  Was it better then IRC, 
> same as IRC or worse then IRC?  If given the opportunity would you like 
> to continue doing meetings via asterisk/callweaver?

I didn't participate, but in general ... 

IRC is low resolution, but it includes the most amount of people.  Folks
can't be on the call, etc.  If we're going to have any of our open team
meetings on SIP, we have to put the transcribe/interact with IRC as a
high priority.

Experience with the F-Board doing phone + IRC didn't go to well for
anyone; lots of work for a transcriber, the rest of us don't know what
is going on.

- Karsten
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