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Re: Features for Fedora Project PBX 1.0

On Tuesday 07 August 2007 2:39:48 pm Jeffrey C. Ollie wrote:
> Testing has been going well, and people seem to like/want/need the
> service so I thought that we should nail down what features we want in
> the "Fedora Project PBX 1.0".  Here's a list based on what I'd like to
> see and what I've gathered from IRC/email/voice conferences.
> 1) Permanent voice conferences for various Fedora subgroups.
> Conferences identified so far:
> 	fedora-board
> 	virtual-fudcon
> 	infrastructure
> 	art

Board conference room should hav no anonymous access.  all other access must 
be through a pin.  as for the rest anonymous should be read only.

> Other permanent voice conferences would be requested through a Fedora
> Infrastructure ticket.  Larger conferences may need some sort of
> moderation system.  Open question: should anonymous SIP callers be
> allowed to talk on the permanent conferences or should they be
> listen-only?  Status: basic conferencing is working, moderation features
> are lacking in conferencing application and need to be developed.
> 2) Conferences should be able to be recorded.  Status: in development.
definitely needed 

> 3) Ad-hoc voice conferences.  Anyone with a FAS account would be able to
> request an ad-hoc voice conference (optionally controlled via a PIN)
> through a web interface.  Ad-hoc conferences would expire after a short
> time (24 hours?).  These conferences would likely remain relatively
> small so moderation features would not be needed.  Status: The web
> interface has not been started but Seth and I have the PBX side mostly
> working.

sounds sane

> 4) SIP accounts for anyone with a FAS account that requests them so that
> sip:<username>@fedoraproject.org would forward calls to your softphone.
> IAX2 accounts would be available for "power" users.  Numeric extensions
> will be assigned for those situations where it's more convenient to dial
> by number rather than name.  Status - design is nearly complete, need to
> automate account creation and more testing.
numbers are a necessary evil.  along with this it would be good to be able to 
log into a web page get list of users/numbers and current registered status.  
this would be nice to look up in ekiga and other softphones directly also  

> 5) Every SIP account would have voicemail.  Instead of storing the
> messages locally, audio files will be forwarded to
> <username>@fedoraproject.org.  Status - testing the design, depends on
> automatic creation of accounts from FAS.
absolute must.  for the same reason we don't store email

> 6) Access conferences and people from the PSTN (e.g. your cell phone).
> A US DID number will be obtained from an ITSP and forwarded to the
> Fedora Project PBX.  DID numbers in other countries may be obtained if
> there is enough need and the costs are reasonable.  Status: some testing
> has been done but a permanent ITSP needs to be identifed and an IVR
> needs to be developed so that all of the features can be accessed from
> the PSTN.
If anyone wants to volunteer a DID so they can dial in  then please feel free 
to do so.

> 7) Documentation on how to set up Ekiga (for Gnome) and Twinkle (for
> KDE) needs to be developed.  Other SIP clients will work, but you're on
> your own.  Status: not started.

I would like to provide sample asterisk configs also.  not sure if anyone 
other than me will use an existing asterisk setup to tie into fedora.

> 8) The PBX is currently running on publictest4 - need to identify
> permanent host and move the setup there.  Firewall may need fixing up,
> puppet needs to be set up, and Nagios monitoring configured.  Probably
> need a sysadmin-pbx group set up so that the appropriate individuals can
> manage the system.  Status: not started.
setting up in puppet should be fairly trivial once we work out what we want 
and where.


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