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Re: Features for Fedora Project PBX 1.0

Mike McGrath wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Jeffrey C. Ollie wrote:
Testing has been going well, and people seem to like/want/need the
service so I thought that we should nail down what features we want in
the "Fedora Project PBX 1.0".  Here's a list based on what I'd like to
see and what I've gathered from IRC/email/voice conferences.

Crazy idea:

Voice support for end users by other end users.

I'm not going to say no to this, but I am going to say that if this is a service we are serious about offering, it will take $$. Whereas the contributor only bridge can be made available now with our current resources.

It will take $$ as in we need to talk to Max Spevack and get more funds or we need to make users pay for the service?

I forgot to mention this but this isn't my original idea. I talk to the Blag maintainer long back and he is doing it already


Obviously for Fedora, it requires more resources to do this though.


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