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Title: Introduction

Just a quick note of introduction.

I'm looking to get involved with the infrastructure team for Fedora.   I consider this a rather delayed reaction from Spot's talk on rpm best practices at the Summit this year.   He included a shameless plug for volunteers, which I'm usually a sucker for.  Just happened to start having some time now.

I've been working in IT in a number of roles for the last 10 years, most of which involved RH Linux and RHEL, along with other OSes.     I'm firing this email off in a delayed (brief) lunch break; most of my contributions will be in my own time, but my employeer is flexible with respect to the weekly meetings.   As most IT folks know, its not hard to make up hours as the work queue can seem rather infinite at times.....

My current role is managing a ~500 RHEL system network, in various roles, helping keep things running, while not running us off our feet.  I've a fair range of skills, when I get a better idea of what you're looking for its easier for me to speak to it.  I'm an RHCE, with one of my RHCA endorsements (Systems deployment/management).  I've been at the last couple RH Summits, and have afew other IT certs that I may admit to at a later time :-).

Looking forward to meeting your all, and finding where I could be of assistance.


Michael Yingbull

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