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 Hi folks!

As per the "Getting Started" walkthrough, I thought I'd spam you guys with a brief rundown of who I am, although I'm sure a number of you already know. My name is Patrick Laughton, although most people who know me call me Jima (yes, IRL, too). I hail from the Great White North -- Minneapolis, MN, or thereabouts. (That's in the Central US time zone, CDT/GMT-5.) I've been maintaining Linux boxen for maybe ten years, seven of those professionally. I started out with Slackware (how's that for cutting your teeth?), but long ago moved to Red Hat, and then Fedora.

Like many in Fedora Packager Land, I got started because as a sysadmin, there were often packages I needed that weren't otherwise easily available. So I packaged what I needed, threw them in a repository, and went on my merry way. What a pain. I joined Fedora Extras about 16 months ago to offset some of that heavy lifting. In addition to making sure everything I needed was in Fedora, I took on some orphaned packages, and generally looked for other ways I could help out the project. That's what brings me to Infrastructure; to see if any of my possibly mediocre skills as a sysadmin might in some way benefit the bigger picture.

I'll be up-front: I'm not a programmer. I can't code worth crap. I know a little C (not C++), my perl talents are decent (if sloppy and roundabout), but I can shell script like mad. I'm fairly comfortable with Apache, BIND, dnsmasq, Exim, OpenSSH, Postfix, and Sendmail. Okay, if it's a daemon, I'm probably not too bad with it. I've played with Nagios and MRTG on and off over the years, as well. More recently (in the last year or so) I've gotten fairly good at working with Xen. Not KVM, sadly, due to my general lack of machines with hardware virtualization capabilities. My SCM, database, and clustering skills leave a lot to be desired, mainly because I haven't had any real use for them in my job. Also, I'm entirely useless at design, unless you like plain, unformatted text, and stick figures. Anything HTML is liable to be compliant, just ugly and/or boring.

I don't have any specific goals in mind for getting into Infrastructure; as I said, I'd be happy to help out with anything that could use some extra hands.

I think that pretty well covers things. Geez, I should have just updated my resume; it might have been easier, if a little more glossed-over.
 Have a nice day.


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