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Re: Bugzilla Upgrade breakage

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Mike McGrath wrote:
> Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
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>> Hey guys,
>> The bugzilla upgrade planned for this Friday will break the FAS =>
>> Bugzilla sync.  The problem is that the current method of syncing is:
>> 1) cron job fires
>> 2) everyone is removed from the bugzilla fedora_contrib group.
>> 3) everyone in fedorabugs is added to the fedora_contrib group
>> In the migrated system, we are not going to be able to do step #2
>> (because we will no longer have access to the db and there's no xmlrpc
>> call to do it.)
>> I'm planning on introducing this kludge to make things work:
>> 1) user is removed from fedorabugs.
>> 2) user is added to a new FAS table with a remove flag: bugzilla_queue
>> 3) user is added to fedorabugs
>> 4) user is added to bugzilla_queue with an add flag
>> 5) cron job fires
>> 6) user in bugzilla_queue are added or removed from fedora_contrib
>> according to the flag.
>> 7) user is removed from bugzilla_queue
>> 8) repeat from #6 until no more users in queue.
>> Unless someone can come up with a better method, I'll be implementing
>> this today.
> Is there a way to simplify this if we work with the bugzilla people? 
> Would they even be willing?

I've been talking to Dave Lawrence who has added everything else we
needed to the new xmlrpc API.  However, this one hasn't been addressed.
     It looks like I didn't actually send the last message I wrote to
him so I'll try to reach him about this.  But we've only got two days
until the switchover so....

- -Toshio
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