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Re: [RFC] New hosted projects

Paulo Santos wrote:
Hi guys,

In todays meeting, there was the question about how to process and evaluate
new hosted space/projects.

user go to trac, open a ticket and assign it to jkeating

user send an email to the list, we discuss it, evaluate it and approve/deny,
then user go to trac and open a ticket but don't assign it.
a member of the infrastructure (or some group for that effect) will pickup
the ticket and deploy it (like we do with the approvals)

I'm sure that jkeating has his hands full with other stuff, and doesn't have
the time to keep looking to the queue.
So if we can help, i say we should.

Comments ?!

So I think there are two pieces to this, branding and technical, I'm going to focus on branding right now.

Branding: We, as a group, don't want to host crap. And there is a LOT of crap in the open source universe :) Rating what is and isn't good is tough, I don't think we want to get in the habit of that. What we *can* do is remove un-maintained code. We've talked about this policy in the past but I'm not sure if it ever made its way on to the wiki. I think the policy should go something like this: If your code has no commits for 6 months, the infrastructure team may choose to archive it and remove it from the public site. Obviously notifications should be sent out.

"But Mike, won't you feel bad about removing someones source?" No, there are a few different places out there to host source, sourceforge being one of them. And we can't maintain high quality while taking everyone.

As far as bringing projects to the list, we can try that out. The question is who brings it to the list? I propose that whoever sees and accepts the ticket bring it to the list. RFC for at least a week, if there are no objections, approve. We'll get some complaints but so what, this is a valuable service we're providing for free.


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