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Re: Improving availability and guaranteeing integrity in ISO downloads

> http://www.getright.com/seedtorrent.html
> Supported by Azureus, among others. We already have an extensive
> HTTP/FTP mirror system to leverage.
> I've noticed, after the initial release rush, torrents end up being
> quite a bit slower than just downloading from a mirror. Especially on a
> less popular arch. (cough ppc cough...) In the past I've just stopped
> the torrent, downloaded the iso from a mirror, then restarted the
> torrent to help seed.
> It would be nice to just have this happen automagically.

That's how Metalink works with clients that also support P2P networks.
GetRight supports this w/ metalink, hopefully KGet will eventually
along with aria2. Phex also supports it over gnutella. (Sorry for the
late reply)

> On Tue, Jun 19, 2007 at 03:40:59PM -0400, Anthony Bryan wrote:
> > >On Sat, Jun 09, 2007 at 07:51:20PM +0200, Ruben Kerkhof wrote:
> >
> > Have you had a chance to look over Ruben's additions? Any feedback? He
> > said he re-licensed it to line up w/ mirrormanager. Any ideas/comments
> > for features in Metalink that could be of use to Fedora?
> Yes, I took a quick look; I'll be able to do something with this, but
> not for the next 4 weeks, as I'm out of the office moving houses and
> on vacation, then catching up on real work. :-)

checking in after 10 wks :) Will what Ruben submitted be usable?

a few more metalink apps have been released. Free Download Manager
(Win) has been released under GPL3.

DownThemAll 1.0b2 firefox extension is out, and displays more of the
info contained in a metalink to the person downloading, like a how
many mirrors are listed, logo,
description, version, os/arch, and other stuff that could be useful.
here are some screenshots the DTA team put up:


there's also Celerius, a GTK python downloader in progress at
http://celerius.tuxfamily.org/ if anyone wants to help out.

(( Anthony Bryan ... Metalink [ http://www.metalinker.org ]
  )) Easier, More Reliable, Self Healing Downloads

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