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[Fwd: Build Error (Job 35483): zope-2_9_8-1_el5 on fedora-5-epel]

Not sure if this is something I am supposed to deal with.

-------- Forwarded Message --------
From: buildsys fedoraproject org
Subject: Build Error (Job 35483): zope-2_9_8-1_el5 on fedora-5-epel
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007 13:20:58 -0400 (EDT)

Job failed on arch ppc

         Build logs may be found at http://buildsys.fedoraproject.org/logs/fedora-5-epel/35483-zope-2.9.8-1.el5/


   Time: Mon Aug  6 09:49:06 2007
   Target: fedora-5-ppc-epel
   UID: 13de9694f9fa14d3663bdddeb169de02cbbc8525
   Architecture: ppc
   SRPM: https://extras64.fedoraproject.org:8886//fedora-5-epel/35483-zope-2.9.8-1.el5/zope-2.9.8-1.el5.src.rpm

Starting download of https://extras64.fedoraproject.org:8886//fedora-5-epel/35483-zope-2.9.8-1.el5/zope-2.9.8-1.el5.src.rpm.
Retrieved https://extras64.fedoraproject.org:8886//fedora-5-epel/35483-zope-2.9.8-1.el5/zope-2.9.8-1.el5.src.rpm.
Waiting for repository to unlock before starting the build...
Job waited too long for repo to unlock. Killing it...
Killing build process...
Cleaning up the buildroot...
   /usr/bin/setarch ppc32 /usr/bin/mock clean --uniqueext=13de9694f9fa14d3663bdddeb169de02cbbc8525 -r fedora-5-ppc-epel
Waiting for child process 3005 to exit.

Output File List:
  Output File: https://ppc3.fedora.redhat.com:8889/13de9694f9fa14d3663bdddeb169de02cbbc8525/result/job.log
Job failed because it was killed.

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