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Re: Jigdo - A Professional Letter to Mike McGrath

Till Maas wrote:
On Do Dezember 6 2007, Jonathan Steffan wrote:

The current updates system is getting better each release, but I think
we should adjust our policies to also have an “updates-archive�
repository. This repository will include all signed updates that had
once lived in the updates repo, for the duration of the releases
life-cycle. I don't expect all mirrors would want to carry this extra

Once the repositories are presto enabled, an updates-archive with all the delta rpms would not take as much space as a full rpm repository but provide the same functionality.

If in some way a mirror can regenerate a full, original RPM from all delta RPMs, so that Jigdo can use it as a slice, a combination of the two would be possible.

Without that ability, all Jigdo recognizes is full RPMs on the ISO image (slices), against no (zero) matches in the updates-archive/ folder (all partial slices).


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