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Re: Jigdo - A Professional Letter to Mike McGrath

Jonathan Steffan wrote:
So, you are against deltarpms also then?

The problem is not being for / against anything. Deltarpms may be interesting for low-bandwidth client that would keep all downloaded rpms. But it would be a IO waste for servers if users have to download several files to rebuild the final ISO.

I was just trying to remind the choices you make may change servers efficiency (and as all mirrors do not have the same issues, it would be difficult to please everyone).

The access time for the data being served as a Jigdo would be the same
as anyone using yum against your mirror source.

Yes. But it would be more IO costy than downloading an ISO if you have to download most of the packages to build the ISO.

> Also, in most cases download requests would be spread across multiple
> sources...

At the server level (and as long as you do not speak about parallelizing downloads), there won't be much difference (you will still have to manage n% of the downloads/connections).


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