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Search domains in our environment (Proposal)

Note: I'm treading into an area which I've always deemed bad practice so poke, prod and question where required.

Right now we are using /etc/hosts relatively heavily in our environment. This is to help us clean up our apache configs and further blur the line of our servers and where they live. The suggestion in the past has been to host our own DNS server in PHX that provides a common view to fedoraproject.org but inside PHX. (You'll not that you cannot get to fedoraproject.org from inside PHX). Now that we have a vpn.fedoraproject.org domain, this allows us to do some dns trickery that we could not do before.

So, for example, on bastion you can see this in action. The current search location set to:

search fedora.phx.redhat.com vpn.fedoraproject.org fedoraproject.org

So on bastion you can ping app1 which will use However if I ping proxy3 (which is not in phx) I'll get address and if I ping torrent (which is not in phx and not on the vpn) I'll get address

In theory, this will allow us to do interesting things in our german colo (they have the server now BTW, we are just waiting on IP info, it just got there yesterday). The trick here is having each group of servers have a preference for the local address. There's no reason for proxy1 to contact app1 over the vpn as they're on the same LAN. And there could, in theory, be instances where we'd want the serverbeach servers to have preference for other serverbeach servers. In cases of geographically separated servers this actually does add a tiny amount of redundancy. In that if a link goes down or dns goes down but the box does have connectivity to the internet still somehow, it might be able to get to the vpn instead of its direct connection. Again, tiny but there especially true when we get our redundant VPN server installed.

So what does this mean?
* You'll be able to get to any vpn host in our environment without having to know where it is.

* We'll have to change any reference to fqdn's where our servers are contacting other servers. This will allow us to move servers around, even to other data centers, without having to change the configs.

* The proxy servers are in a slightly special situation right now. We're using hosts entries on the proxy servers mostly because our DNS server in PHX flaked out on us once. We can re-examine this setup even still, to be consistent I'd like to switch to using non-fqdn access to our application servers.

* We will have to be diligent in making sure all of our hosts have unique names as we've basically made the domain names negligent.

* This will allow us to have a preference for vpn, remote or local traffic on a per machine basis should the need arise. (so for example, We get part of a DR site up and PHX goes down. We could very easily login to proxy3, change the search from vpn being first to local as both app5 and proxy3 are in tummy.com and we can be more efficient that way)

Comments? +1's? -1's? I'm basically going for ease of use among the admins and since most people "ssh puppet1" instead of "ssh puppet1.fedora.phx.redhat.com" I think in our diverse environment it will be worth it and is easier then hosting a separate DNS server in each of our locations.


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