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Re: Moin 1.6 beta.

Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
Mike McGrath wrote:
Another idea, what good and bad would come from us upgrading to the 1.6

What features were you thinking it provides us with?  Better ability to
cache pages?

That, the other thing I'm thinking of is if we're going to start patching our instance heavily, perhaps we want to stick with 1.6. I don't necessarily want to upgrade to 1.6 but I do want us to talk about it.

Here's another thought:  is it only page saves which are causing us
problems?   I think moin has a similar URL for all actions that cause
writing to the disk. For instance, saving an edit appears to call
PAGENAME#preview and starting an edit uses PAGENAME?action=edit.  Could
we cluster just requests to read from the wiki and filter writes to a
single app server by using these URLs?

The page saves are causing our inability to cluster Moin in any efficient way. I've thought about altering proxy location by action, that would help with some things but I've yet to set it up and see if it works the way we think it will. (for example, altering the user, watched pages, etc are still a question mark in my head).


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