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Account System Design Work (was Re: Infrastructure Design - Look & Feel)

Hi folks,

So I started documenting all of the information you've been giving me here:


I was itching to do a mockup so I decided to focus on the account system for a little bit:


This is kind of how I'm seeing the screen appearing right after someone with an existing account logs in. However, now that I look at it critically, it could have cooler things on it. For example,

* Projects/Groups could set different RSS information feeds, eg feeds of their mailing list(s), feeds of developer blogs/planets, irc bot rss feed :) , anything else really. And on a per project basis this page could display that information, maybe grouped into different categories.

* Quick link to each project's main wiki page or web page or whichever else is their main 'place of business'

I know the little queues are confusing too, they look cool but it's not quite clear how you would interact with each queue item if you could at all so I'll clean that up.

Anything else you guys might have spotted? Anything confusing, anything missing? Anything not quite right? Anything not really implementable? Any cool ideas for expansion? :)

Time for sleep,

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