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So now that fpserv no longer hosts the wiki... We may be able to re-evaluate the people.fedoraproject.org and developers.fedoraproject.org setup. This machine is at Duke and Seth is on board (he suggested it). I'd still like to send a copy of the CVS off site to this box for safe keeping but it would allow us for plenty of leg room. This is probably going to be a long discussion (as it should be) but I'll get started.

For Fedora contributors[1] only, no exceptions.
50M quota, strictly enforced.
Static content only
sftp access
http access
Fedora related content only.  (We will passively police)
No expectation of privacy
Won't take much to get banned from p.fp.o
username.people.fedoraproject.org (should be trivial to setup)

For the more high-level people, will require full approval of the infrastructure team. For those that don't make it I'll send them a note telling them no and explaining why if there is a reason.
(This if for the jkatz, thl's, abadger1999 and dgilmore's of our group)
200M quota, manually enforced (email notifications)
Static content and basic scripting, TurboGears, python, php, perl, etc.
cronjobs (this may be a bad idea)
shell / ssh
no expectations of privacy
Local apps (like running their own mysql db's and such, as long as it's within the quota)
username.dev.fedoraproject.org (should be trivial to setup)
We will help meet these peoples needs but won't go too far out of the way (like installing multiple versions of python)
** Not for critical apps **

The idea here is that this should be a very hands off process for our team. We'll help the developers with things but if we don't meet their needs, they'll have to go somewhere else, this is a convenience thing. The people.fp.o site will be completely hands off, we have to find a scriptable way to determine who belongs in people. Anyway, what do you think?


[1] Contributor.  Here are a few possible definitions of contributor:

CLA: Users who have signed the CLA (I consider this to be the general public)
Sponsored: Users who have been sponsored by someone for their team.
Committers: People who actually have commit access to the CVS (Doc's team, Extras, etc)

I vote for "sponsored"

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