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Re: Config stuff and glump (as my introduction)

On 02/01/07, David Lutterkort <dlutter redhat com> wrote:
There is absolutely no reason why a puppet user would need to know ruby
- there are plenty of people who use puppet and have no ruby knowledge.

Sure, but I try to avoid using tools that I can't fix, especially
tools that are integral to the functioning of my systems. Especially
since it's the ONLY tool that requires ruby. On the other hand, I know
Python, and so does nearly every other person whom I'm likely to
consult if I have troubles with something. RHEL/Fedora use Python
extensively, and sometimes exclusively, so integrating a Python tool
with them would be very simple and straightforward. Many libraries
have bindings to Python -- very few have bindings to Ruby.

It doesn't make sense for me to rely on Ruby. Simple as that.

As for having to learn another config language vs. extending glump: you
can master puppet's language in a couple of hours or so. You would need
to weigh that against how long it would take you to extend glump to do
what you need it to do.

Yes, but at least it would be fun, considering I already did most of
the work with glump in the first place.

Konstantin Ryabitsev
Montréal, Québec

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