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Re: New accounts LDAP server running

On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 20:14 -0600, TomLy wrote: 
> >  We need to compile a list of what applications are using this and
> > port them to the new infrastructure.  
> I'd like to get this moving more sooner than later. Can we get a wiki
> page going for this?  Something that lists the application or function
> that authenticates and the type of authentication it uses (whether
> through website.py or apache mods etc.) .  I would do this myself, but
> am not the best person for it.

Started a page here:

I've made three sections:

Apps using the Python API
* voting
* Old Account System interface
* Syncing the accounts to the infrastructure servers -- export-*.{py,sh}

Apps using the DB Directly

Apps using an apache module

Please fill the lists in with any applications that you can think of.


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