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Re: New accounts LDAP server running

> >
> > AFAIK, enforcing CLA compliance is a must for the future, and if
> > we're going to implement a solution for that, it might as well be
> > generic (instead of just a 'needs_cla' field in the DB, for example).
> >
> This is true, it would be nice to enforce this at the LDAP level
> somewhere.  Lyz do you know of any way to do this?  We may want to
> talk to the FDS people.
>                -Mike

I'll ask the FDS person we were working with if this is doable.  This
wasn't truly implemented in the db schema as it appears there could only
be one prerequisite.  This was set to the cla_done group in almost every
case (except sysadmin). 

In this case, adding attributes to the person's shema isn't the solution
(as I was thinking previously).  This is because it would require a
software layer to check the attribute.  One of my thoughts on the new
account system is to have LDAP handle as much as possible to avoid
having to wright a software layer to wrap it.


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