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FI Future

As many of you know I have been hired on to work on Fedora
Infrastructure full time.  This will be a great thing for our group.
Initially I'll be spending a lot of time getting our house in order
and fixing a lot of those little things that we keep putting off.
Many of the mid term goals we've already talked about and are on the
Schedule page.

I'd like to hear the communities ideas now that we have a dedicated
resource (me).  I'm especially interested in things that will help
other teams do what they need to do.  Like how to not screw the doc's
guys during the next release or better empowering sponsors.
Encouraging new volunteers to come and volunteer management /
coordination is also something we need to address soon, we're growing
quite quickly.  With these things in mind try not to think
specifically about our infrastructure team but about the project as a
whole and how we can aid the community to thrive.

I'll officially be starting the first week in Feburary and will be
looking for ways to expand our infrastructure both in Red Hat and
outside of Red Hat, perhaps by finding partnership in an additional
University.  As long as we're smart about what we commit to, I have no
doubt that we'll be able to provide the community with everything they


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