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Re: FI Future

On Tue, 2007-01-09 at 10:34 -0600, Mike McGrath wrote:
> I'd like to hear the communities ideas now that we have a dedicated
> resource (me).  I'm especially interested in things that will help
> other teams do what they need to do.  Like how to not screw the doc's
> guys during the next release or better empowering sponsors.
> Encouraging new volunteers to come and volunteer management /
> coordination is also something we need to address soon, we're growing
> quite quickly.  With these things in mind try not to think
> specifically about our infrastructure team but about the project as a
> whole and how we can aid the community to thrive.

A couple of ideas that I've had floating around my mind for a while:

Having more Bittorrent seeds for the ISO downloads available on release
day.  This should make bittorrent a much more attractive download option
for users and should relieve the strain on the regular mirrors.  What
I'd suggest is that some trusted members of the community be set up with
early access to the bittorrent trackers so that they can get a local
copy of the ISOs and can then be seeds for the general public.  This
wouldn't need to be a long-term commitment of resources - perhaps 2-3
days before the release day, and then a week or so after release.

A few more secondary DNS servers for fedoraproject.org.   Again, I'm
sure that trusted members of the community would step up to provide the
secondary DNS servers.  Perhaps DNSSEC should be investigated to make
doubly sure that the DNS data isn't messed with.  Of course, this would
be a long-term committment but shouldn't be very resource-intensive.


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