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updates tool


I'm trying to get up to speed with how the updates tool works and what it does.

I followed the instructions on this page http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/UpdatesSystem and downloaded the source from CVS.  After that I followed the instructions in the README to configure and install.  The README was very detailed and helpful!

Is there more documentation on how to use the tool now that I have it installed and greater context on how it all goes together?  The last part of the README says:


Running the updates system test suite

   All tests are stored in the 'tests' module in this project, and can be
   run by executing the command `nosetests` in top level of the project.

   For more information on Nose unit tests, please see:


0) I confess I have limited knowledge of python and have never used 'nose.'

1) What is meant by a "project" when it says to execute the `nosetests` command in the top level of "the project?"

2) Is there a UI and if so how do I navigate to it?


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