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Re: Future plans of the hosting project

Jesse Keating wrote:

2) Get raw webspace working. Ideally there would be a guest that users log into and be able to fiddle with content in a subdir of their homedir or something. Someway to keep folks locked out of eachother's webspaces and the rest of the system would be good, maybe we have to limit ssh to just sftp and scp and ssh rsync to begin with, dunno. Another guest would actually serve up the content so that no user could log into that box. Some quotas would be in effect to keep a luser from DoSing the box by running it out of space. Raw webspace could be in the flavor of "projectname.hosted.fedoraproject.org"
for ease of name based virtual hosting.  Sourceforge does this too,
sf.net/projects/<projectname> for the sf interface, <projectname>.sf.net for
the webspace.  Seems to work fairly well.

3) A web tool for admins to create a new project space.  Would involve
  A) creating trac space and setting appropriate admin
  B) creating fedora account group for SCM repo
  C) creating SCM repo, setting permissions
  D) creating raw webspace and DNS hostname

Project admins will need shell access to be able to use the trac- admin tool to setup Trac to their liking. A lot of Trac configuration cannot be done through the web interface.

Nils Breunese.

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