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Hi Rahul, My company has a content delivery network offering reliable, high performance delivery of large objects. It is built on the BitTorrent protocol, works with your existing torrent files and speeds the delivery of all BitTorrent content. We have a partnership with BitTorrent and are
doing this for other BitTorrent traffic.

Not sure you're the right guy but I'd like to make an offer to help speed the delivery of the upcoming test release of Core 7 of Fedora. No charge to you and we'd work with the existing set of torrents/etc. It's seamless and would provide you guys with much faster download performance than BitTorrent alone as well as a series of detailed object-level reports on every object being delivered.

Are you the right person to discuss this with? If not, would you please be able to point me to the right person?

Gary Croke


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