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Re: [config management] kind of survey

On 1/18/07, Rachid Zarouali <rzarouali gmail com> wrote:
Hy all,

i have recently join the fedora infrastructure list, so maybe this survey
would appear to you a bit odd.
i have taken a deeper look at what have been discussed regarding the config
management task,
many of you have strong experience in different kind of tools like glump,
puppet, cfengine ...
but i haven't seen any checkup list on :
- what's the aim of a new config management system.

To replace the old system and to add some layer of enforcement while
making backups of whatever it replaces.

- how far we want this tool to manage servers config (system,services, both
of them, anything else maybe ....).

Ideally it would cover everything non-data related on all the servers.
Once a box is kicked and the proper packages are installed, the
config push would go out, the box would reboot and right away be
'live'  We're very close to this in our current system except some
configs are out of date.

- system limitations (for example : no ruby tools because it has been sealed
that ruby should be installed on servers ).

The fewer changes we have to make the better, this includes packages.

At this point I think it'll be best for me to just take everything we
know, pick one, test it in our environment and put a proposal together
and see if any of the officers want to chop my head off :-D  It's just
a matter of getting time.  Which reminds me my first official day is
February 5th (right after FudCON) but I'll be doing orientation and
meetings the first couple of days and will probably be unavailable.


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