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Re: Open archives?

Mike McGrath wrote:

We do have a private (invite only) list that we use for sensitive
things though its rarely used, last message was in early November.
I'm conflicted about this so I will defer to the community.  Basically
I guess what we're trying to accomplish is to let search engines index
the list?

More importantly increase visibility of the discussions going on here to the rest of the community. I originally thought this was a completely private list for the infrastructure team until you or someone in #fedora-admin said that there was a separate private list and this was a open one with just the archives being closed. I had Thomas Chung (of Fedoranews.org) ask me the same thing a couple of days back. There is good stuff being discussed here. Let is be visible. It makes it easier for me and others to know what is done and maybe that will attract more interest and contributors.


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