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[Fwd: New Infrastructure Ticketing System]

The new accounts system is live. Take a look. Some general items, I'd like to move away from the schedule into using Trac where possible. I'd like the Schedule to become more big picture items. How does this sound for meetings in the future:

Anyone working on any long term projects must create a ticket. If you'd like to discuss your topic at the next meeting, add the keyword "Meeting" to the ticket.

Etiquette: I'd like to lay down some ground rules as to proper ticket handling (I'll post this on the wiki)

   1) If you can't do something, assign it to someone else
   2) If someone assigns something to you, don't get offended.
3) Use the ticketing system. There's so much going on we need to be able to track it.
   4) Don't ignore the ticketing system.  I'll be on people about this.
5) Get others to use the system, if someone emails you, have them make a ticket. 6) Don't be afraid to take a ticket. If you take something you are unable to do, don't worry about it :)

What do you guys think?

BTW, some useful links:

Our new git repo is ready. I've decided not to clone the old /cvs/fedora/ directory because the new repo has different scope then that. We'll be keeping it around until we find a reason not to keep it around.


--- Begin Message --- The Infrastructure Team has decided to change ticketing systems. The new system is available at:


We'll be continuing to set that site up but tickets can now be filed there. The previous ticketing system (at https://admin.fedoraproject.org/tickets/) turned out to be a bit to heavy for our teams needs. Using a Trac system feels more natural to us and we suspect it will feel more natural to the community as well.


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