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Re: Nagios alerts

On Fri, 2007-07-06 at 14:42 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
> Starting tonight I'm going to start sending nagios alerts to 
> sysadmin-users.  If you don't like it suggest something else.

Does nagios have a built-in and sane-to-use method for grouping alerts?

For example, I want to hear when docs.fp.o is having troubles, and
that's it.  Or docs.fp.o + translate.fp.o, etc.  Can nagios support
that?  Do we want to support that use?

If yes, that would help with doing escalations, such that if I don't
respond to emails within X minutes, sms is used.

Otherwise, I can sub to sysadmin-users and filter out all but the
docs.fp.o alerts.  But then I lose the email => sms escalation.  Meaning
I'd personally probably dupe every alert to sms, just in case. :)

Why should this matter if sysadmins are getting the alerts and
responding already?  In the case of most of our Web resources, there are
other people responsible or affected by the slightest downtime.  It
would save sysadmins some hassle in informing people if we could have
nagios take care of it for us.

- Karsten
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