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Re: fedorapeople.org

Mike McGrath wrote:
seth vidal wrote:
It seems like git and hg play just fine with a simple http server w/o
needing a special cgi to access them. Or am I missing something?

After a bit of experimentation seth and I have discovered that git will work fine over just a static http site, mercurial doesn't appear to. The thing about all of this is that hosting SCM's was never really a design requirement for fedorapeople.org. Its not even live yet and we're falling into "Give them an inch and they'll take a mile" :)

We're basically allowing shell access to the public here and its the first time our group has attempted anything like this. I'm fine with taking baby steps. Using rsync will serve our purposes though it is a bit nasty. After we've got all the initial bugs out of our system and know exactly what type of load and use the box is getting lets talk about this again. I have to say being able to host these things is very handy, but it does have a cost.

One of the guys in #mercurial suggested sshfs or httpfs as alternatives for now.

Spoke too soon.  This appears to work:

hg clone static-http://mmcgrath.fedorapeople.org/project.hg/test/


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