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Re: Common problems

Ray Van Dolson wrote:
Anyone out there run the profiler on a call to notifySubscribers() or

It doesn't seem the Moin user storage system lends itself to being very
fast.  Each user seems to be a separate text file which must be parsed.
Probably would be much faster with a sqlite backend or something, but
this would obviously take a bit of work.

Perhaps we could hack something in though to make the current process a
little faster -- at least specifically for finding subscribers and
doing notifications.

I also wonder if the actual call to _sendNotification() takes a long
time as well...

Anyways, if no one has done any profiling here, I would like to at
least do that so we have some actual data as to where the bottleneck
is.  My test Wiki's are not large enough to give good data on this.

What is the preferred way to go about testing this?  Can someone who
has access to the wiki server do the profiling for me?  Can I get
access to it to do it myself?  Or can a copy of all the wikidata be
made available to me so that I can test on my own systems?

Thanks Mike.

I've finally filled this out.


Who from this team wants to sponsor?  And anyone interested in being
secondary on this?

Also, I noticed this:


So perhaps any further Moin troubleshooting would be pointless. :-)

I'm sure your works would be appreciated by the upstream moin people. A lot of people do use Moin and ticket #31 is a long ways away :)


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