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Moin update.

Have been doing some Moin testing on my own (was able to get
compareable delays after generating ~3500 Moin users on my own wiki).

Turns out the #moin-dev guys don't like hotshots (sounds like it is
pretty unreliable) and prefer cProfile (which is in Python 2.5).

I cooked up this little patch to add cProfile support for the
standalone moin server -- maybe useful to someone interested in doing
profiling of the wiki later:


After looking at the profile information, it seems that creating an
index/cache of page subscription regexp's pointing to the subscribed
users would speed things up a lot.  I don't think this would be too bad
to write.

The #moin-dev guys agree, and would be willing to up-port any patch I
make for 1.5.8 into their 1.6 code.  They are currently writing a whole
new storage subsystem, but obviously it will be some time before it's
stable and even longer before Fedora makes use of it would be my guess.

See http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/RayVanDolson#Moin for my project
notes on this.  My own personal wiki contains the most information
about what I've tried so far.


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