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Voting App Enhancement

If anyone wants to get their feet wet with some very simple python cgi
coding, we have a request to enhance the voting application we've been
using in Fedora::


The request is to have a confirmation page after the voter has entered
their vote so they make sure that filled in ballot reflects their ballot
before they hit submit.  If it doesn't, they have a button to take them
to a fresh ballot.  There's a brief outline of what it would take to
implement -- someone could whip it off in a few spare night of coding,
testing, and debugging (Mostly spent in testing and debugging.)

Also, as noted in that ticket, we really need to have a new voting app
written (probably in TurboGears to take advantage of the work being done
with the rest of our web apps.)  If anyone is interested in that, let me
know as well.  We currently don't have anyone working on that so you
could definitely leave your mark.


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