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Hi guys,

I started working on ticket #77 (Moin1.6 related), and while searching for the current additions to the wiki, i came across with this:
New Features:
* Added Xapian (see http://xapian.org/) based indexed search code.
To use this:
* Install xapian-core and xapian-bindings on your machine.
We used 0.9.4, but newer code should hopefully work, too.
* cfg.xapian_search = True
* Execute this to build the index:
$ moin ... index build # indexes pages and attachments
$ moin ... index build --files=files.lst # same plus a list of files
You should run those commands as the same user you use for your wiki,
usually this is the webserver userid, e.g.:
$ sudo -u www-data moin --config=... --wiki-url="" href="http://wiki.example.org/"> wiki.example.org/ \
index build --files=files.lst
* New searches:
- LanguageSearch: language:de
- CategorySearch: category:Homepage
- MimetypeSearch: mimetype:image/png (for attachments/files)
- DomainSearch: domain:underlay or domain:standard
- History Search: available in advanced ui
Note: Some currently only available when Xapian is used
* New config options:
xapian_search 0 enables xapian-powered search
xapian_index_dir None directory for xapian indices
(can be shared for wiki farms)
xapian_stemming 1 toggles usage of stemmer, fallback
to False if no stemmer installed
search_results_per_page 10 determines how many hits should be
shown on a fullsearch action
xapian_index_history False indexes all revisions of pages to
allow searching in their history

Do we want to try this ? if so it needs to be packaged and added to extras.
According to xapian.org download page "Fabrice Colin has built RPM packages for Fedora Core 6 - there are binary packages (for i386, x86_64, and ppc) and source RPMs.", but since its not on our repos, i prefer not to use it until so.

Also i've created a page in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/MoinDev so that we can keep track of our work, and requests that other teams might have.


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