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Re: boot.iso folder location

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Saturday 02 June 2007 09:19:54 Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Can't you move that all into a single location or provide a symlink? It
has always been like that way in the past isn't a sufficient reason to
justify the lack of visibility and awareness of the presence of boot.iso.

Every release I see claims that Fedora does not support easy network
installation due to this tree structure.

Rescue.iso is there which is even easier for network installs as it has stage2 already there.

It is larger too and you call it "rescue" which does not suggest network installation.

I'm not about to go changing the tree layout after the mirrors already have it.

Just in case it was not obvious I am talking about changing the tree structure to consolidate all the images for the *next release*.


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